Two new Orcs to be revealed at special RingQuest weekend!

Posted 15th July 2014

Organisers of the ever popular Lord of the Rings event at West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village reveal ‘scary’ Guttrott The Unclean has gone – and they are keeping details of his replacements under very tight wraps!

Planners of the ever popular RingQuest event at West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village & County Park are set to release not one, but two new Orcs at this month’s event!

The all-new Orcs are set to replace the original green-faced menace, Guttrott The Unclean, who organisers say has temporarily been ‘posted to other quarters’.

Guttrott became front page news earlier this year after it was revealed that one local mum had posted on Facebook that she thought the Lord of the Rings baddie might be too scary for children.*

Now organisers have promised to make up for his misdemeanours by replacing him with two brand new characters, adding extra Middle Earth themed events, and launching a competition during the RingQuest event to give the two new resident Orcs, a name!

“I’m afraid Guttrott had to go” said Lance Alexander, St Edmundsbury Borough Council’s TIC & Heritage Operations Manager. “All that fame went to his head and he became far too big for his troublesome boots. As a result, Guttrott The Unclean has now been posted to the misty mountains and instead, we have two brand new Orcs, which we have to say, are quite sensational!”

RingQuest continues the tradition of families exploring West Stow’s authentic recreation of an Anglo-Saxon village, and surrounding country park, to solve riddles, collect clues, and ultimately save Middle Earth.

The new two day Lord of the Rings festival on July 26 & 27 will also feature live birds of prey at the Fantastic Falcons event on the 26th and a storytelling and poetry competition at the Suffolk Eisteddfod on the 27th.

J R R Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings, was a professor of Anglo-Saxon (Old English) at Oxford University when he wrote of his tales of Middle Earth with scholars and fans noting the influence of the period throughout his literary masterpieces.

It will be the second time RingQuest has been held this year, and follows the success of the week-long event in February, when over 1,000 people attended despite some of the worst weather conditions on record for the time of year.
Lance continued “The extra event is a big thank you to all those who braved the weather, and attended the event in February. People will also get to meet our new Orcs as we are keeping them under wraps until the event itself”

“What started out as a small event back in 2003 has grown and grown in popularity, with one family coming along to every RingQuest, now in its 11th year."

“To say thanks for the support earlier in the year we’ve added displays of live birds of prey and a storytelling competition. Birds of prey and storytelling play a significant role in both the Hobbit books and Lord of the Rings trilogy, and they promise to be fantastic.”

At RingQuest (Sat July 26 & Sun July 27) visitors can:

1. Solve the riddles and collect the runes to win a prize.
2. Try on various LOTR character costumes.
3. Pose for pictures with life-size cut outs of LOTR movie characters.
4. Visit the real life Hobbit Hole.
5. Go on a tour with the resident Ranger to learn about the Anglo-Saxon influence on LOTR and The Hobbit series of novels and films.

*A subsequent newspaper poll later showed that 93% of readers thought Guttrott looked fine, 7% thought he was ‘maybe’ too scary.

West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, Sat 26 July - Sun 27 July
Explore West Stow in this Lord of the Rings Themed adventure. Find clues, solve riddles & help save Middle Earth.
Normal admissions applies (People dressed a LOTR characters get in free!)
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Fantastic Falcons
West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, Sat 26 July
Using Falcons is an ancient hunting method practiced by the Anglo-Saxons. Watch skilled handlers demonstrate these magnificent birds of prey with flying displays.
Normal admission applies
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Suffolk Eisteddfod
West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, Sun July 27
Ancient tales and storytelling, as the fifth annual Eisteddfod (a competitive festival of poetry & storytelling) is held.
Normal admission applies
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