Bury St Edmunds' Landmarks to get New Year makeover - in LEGO!

Posted 8th January 2016

Two of Bury St Edmunds’ most famous landmarks are to receive a New Year makeover - in Lego!

Moyse's Hall Museum and Abbey Gate are to be painstakingly recreated in the legendary Danish brick to coincide with the forthcoming Brick City exhibition, which opens on Saturday 16 January at Moyse's Hall Museum.

Brick City, a national touring exhibition which features over 60 famous landmarks from five continents around the world, has been receiving rave reviews nationwide. It features buildings including Buckingham Palace, Washington’s Lincoln Memorial, The Reichstag, L’Arc de Triomphe and Rome’s Trevi Fountain, and will be on display at Moyse’s Hall for the next three months.

Along with hosting a series of special Lego workshops for schoolchildren, St Edmundsbury Borough Council Heritage Officers have also planned for two of the town’s most famous landmarks to be recreated Lego bricks, at a mini-figure scale of 1:40.

Said St Edmundsbury Borough Council Heritage Officer, Alex McWhirter: “Brick City celebrates some of the world’s finest architecture, recreated entirely from one of the world’s most famous building bricks. We are delighted to be able to host the exhibition at the museum. There are many exciting events during the time it will be on display including workshops for schoolchildren, drop-in workshops for parents, a computer game competition and the one we are all looking forward to, a wonderful building competition called: The Great Bury Brick Off! As Moyse’s Hall itself is an iconic landmark, dating from the 12th Century, we decided to have the building turned into Lego, along with Abbey Gate. Bury St Edmunds is blessed with some of the finest architecture in the country and the Lego recreations are a fun way of helping to tell the story of our town and explore our history through national and international architectural themes.”

Brick City is the brainchild of full-time Lego artist and author, Warren Elsmore (http://warrenelsmore.com/). It has received glowing reviews and made headline news nation-wide. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-34543758)
Lego bricks have an ever-growing army of adult fans.

Known as 'AFOLs', or Adult Fans of LEGO, they skilfully recreate landmarks using only standard Lego bricks - the name for which derives from the Danish words, LEG GODT, meaning “play well”.

Moyes’s Hall and Abbey Gate will now be made by independent Lego builder Rhys Knight, from Farnham, Surrey, who recently completed some of the interior builds for a special rendition of Durham Cathedral.

Said Rhys Knight, who has been building Lego models for 40 years and was recently featured in the Channel 4 documentary: Inside Lego at Christmas: “I am enjoying the project immensely. Moyse’s Hall will be 848mm wide and 544mm long based on a minifigure replica scale. It will involve about 6000 bricks and is a fun challenge to recreate some of the finer details such the mix of stone and flint, the gothic style windows and clock tower. Likewise Abbey Gate is a fascinating piece of architecture and it has been a pleasure to learn the history of these constructions as part of the building process.”

The Moyse’s Hall build is planned to arrive the beginning of February and Abbey Gate in mid-March.

Mr Knight’s other work includes a two metre long, 200,000 brick, Star Wars X-Wing for Hamleys toy store in London.

The Brick City exhibition runs until April 24. For more info or to book your tickets for the exhibition, click here