The Healing Arts of the Anglo-Saxons

The Healing Arts of the Anglo-Saxons

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Come to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village and meet members of Ealdfaeder as they demonstrate the healing arts and talk about herbs & food.

A fascinating event presented by re-enactment group Ealdfaeder as they spend the weekend living and working in the Anglo-Saxon Village at West Stow. As well as daily life, cooking, crafts, runes and story-telling, they will be focussing on the healing arts of the Anglo-Saxons.

Find out how the leech woman would use her medicinal herbs and recite the charms to hopefully cure people....Hear more about what the Anglo-Saxons ate and drank, how their diet varied from season to season, and what diseases and illnesses they may have suffered from.

Times: 10am-5pm (last entry 4pm), Saturday 26th May - Monday 28th May
Tickets: Standard admission applies
Booking: Not required
Venue: West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village

This event is promoted by the Heritage Service

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