Image gallery

Wood Dye
West Stow Cafe
Views at West Stow
Walking at West Stow
Exploring the Anglo-Saxon Village
Inside the Anglo-Saxon Village
Sword hilt
Village event
Orcs at Ringquest
Anglo-Saxon beads
Children playing Saxon games
Bronze Cruciform Brooch
Village hut
Hobbits at Ringquest
Re-enactment group
Anglo-Saxon games
Into the Wild
Sword fight
Excavating the land in 1970s
Epico at Dragonfest
Collection of items
Wrist Clasps
Butterfly Brooch
Belt Buckle
Boar Tusk Amulet
Bird encounters
Foederati Belt replica
Ormsgard battle
The First English Village
Fires for cooking in the Anglo-Saxon Village
Ducks on the river
Dragon on the Heath
Beowulf & Grendel Trail
Anglo-Saxon family meal
AS Costume
Fun in the Anglo-Saxon Village
Children in Battle
Anglo-Saxon Activities
Animal Skins

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